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This Is How You Can Make Your Career At 30

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This Is How You Can Make Your Career At 30

In the 20th century, many individuals began working in a company straight after finishing school and progressed through the internal ladder until retirement. However, the employment landscape in the 21st century is significantly different. So, if you are contemplating a career change at 30, you are not alone.

Why shouldn’t you? Considering the significant amount of time spent working, it is reasonable not to spend decades in a career that has become boring or even unpleasant. Therefore, if you find yourself frequently browsing jobs on ZipRecruiter rather than feeling enthusiastic about starting your work day, it is time for a change.

Remember, you are only 30. It’s likely that you have (at least) another 30 years of work ahead of you! Therefore, if you are unhappy where you currently are, you cannot afford to avoid making a career change.

How to Make a Career Change at 30 

1. Get on ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter can assist you in finding a job that you love. As the primary job search site in the United States, it has facilitated the discovery of rewarding careers for millions of employees and connected them with employers.

Once you create a profile, ZipRecruiter will evaluate your skills and experience and ask you to specify the type of work you are interested in. Subsequently, the platform will start sending you recommended job listings and show you how well you meet the employer’s requirements. Hence, it’s uniquely equipped to help you make a career change at 30 and find a job that suits you.

2. List (or Rant About!) What You Don’t Like About Your Current Career 

To narrow down potential jobs, it’s crucial to be aware of what you don’t want. Start by listing everything you dislike about your current career, including working hours, type of work, compensation, time off, level of engagement, stress, sense of impact, and colleagues.

Once you have identified what you don’t want, you will be in a better position to find a job that offers what you do want.

3. Research What’s Out There 

Whether you have a clear idea of what you’d prefer to do or not, take some time to explore both Google and ZipRecruiter. With over 9 million active job listings at any given time, ZipRecruiter is an excellent resource to explore opportunities in your preferred localities and/or industries.

Additionally, searching for “best jobs for ____ Reddit” on Google can provide insights into actual jobs that people are doing, instead of the regular suggestions usually found in typical blog posts.

4. Find Out What Gaps You Have in Your Resume

Making a career change at 30 can be challenging as it often prompts a reevaluation of our work history. However, all your work experience has likely equipped you with skills that are applicable to other occupations.

You should determine whether there are any essential skills or qualifications you need for your desired career path. While additional education may seem necessary, it’s important to explore paid opportunities that are a step down from your current position, considering the cost and time commitment of further education.

It’s essential to weigh the option of taking a pay cut versus accumulating significant debt to acquire more qualifications. Many employers are willing to hire individuals who are eager to learn and enthusiastic about the job, without requiring extensive credentials.

5. Rewrite Your Resume

If you have some ideas for a new career, consider rewriting your resume, even if you don’t intend to begin applying immediately. This exercise will help you reevaluate your skills and perspective. If you are unsure how to tailor your resume for a new industry, consider working with a professional resume writer, as it can be a worthwhile investment when the time comes to apply.

6. Bite the Bullet and Apply 

Avoid delaying the crucial step of applying for new positions. Often, many of us allow years to pass in our current job, despite being dissatisfied. While the unknown can be intimidating, spending years in a monotonous job is worse.

Enjoy Your New Career!

Initiate your job search on ZipRecruiter (click here to get started) and shortlist the roles that appeal to you. When you find a position you are interested in, submit your application. Regardless of whether this first job leads to a long-term career change, it highlights your commitment to making a change. Additionally, when you secure your first interview, ensure you review our do’s and dont’s in a job interview to avoid any mistakes!

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