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Tried & Tested: didofy Stargazer | Reviews


Tried & Tested: didofy Stargazer | Reviews

New to the UK for Spring 2023, Stargazer is an 11-piece travel system with all-terrain tyres, collapsible carrycot, and fabrics made from recycled PET bottles. The travel system follows on from the brand’s multi award-winning line of products, which includes the incredibly popular Aster 2 compact stroller. Wrapped up with an affordable price tag at just £799 for the whole bundle, the Stargazer joins the didofy family as the perfect travel system for the modern family.

Using didofy’s updated GravityFold system (in parent or world facing mode) the Stargazer’s intuitive one-handed, one-piece compact fold and upright standing storage system enables you to focus on your baby, rather than wrestling with your stroller. From the advanced four wheel suspension to the smart one-pull harness with magnetic buckle, every feature has been designed to offer parents everything they need, from birth to 22kg, without the hassle.

The Stargazer is available as an individual pushchair, 11 piece Travel System bundle, or any combination in-between, making it as flexible as it is functional, and great value for money. It boasts a stylish gunmetal anodised frame, with a choice of black, green or grey fabrics.

Read on to find out what our parent testers thought…

What were your first impressions of the didofy Stargazer?

Andrea: My first impressions of the didofy Stargazer was wow what a beautiful stroller. The height of the stroller was unbelievable I don’t think I have come across a pram that high up before and the handle bar height was amazing for tall people (I am 5ft8 and my husband 6ft) so this was a great feature. The stroller was super easy to assemble and my little boy was very eager to go for his first journey. I loved the green, lots of pushchairs are grey or black so it’s nice to see other designs coming through.

Jodie: Unboxing the didofy Stargazer pushchair my initial impression is that the Stargazer is a luxurious, very high quality pushchair. The carrycot is extremely spacious, with very soft and comfortable materials. The mattress that is provided with the carrycot is great quality, the right amount of firmness to ensure safe sleeping but also provide a comfortable place to sleep. I am extremely happy for my 8 week old baby to use the carrycot for overnight sleeping. I was able to place my baby in the carrycot while I was putting the pushchair together and settle him by using the rocking base.

Laura W: It was easy to put together, and looked sturdy just from the first glance. It was light enough for me to lift in and out of the boot of the car easy enough.

How easy was it to fold and unfold the Stargazer and its collapsible carrycot?

Lucy: It was straightforward to fold and unfold the stargazer, it took a couple of goes to get used to it but once we did it was quick and easy. The collapsible carry cot feature is very useful for saving space in the car boot and storing the carry cot.

Laura G: Unfolding the Stargazer was very easy, I could do it without looking at the instruction booklet.
You can fold the Stargazer with the seat attached in both forward and parent facing modes but it wasn’t clear how to do it in parent facing mode and that wasn’t in the instruction booklet either. I managed to figure it out after a few tries.
Removing the carrycot (to be able to fold the frame) took some effort, you need to push a button and pull up at the same time but the button is in a slightly awkward place meaning you have to do it all with one hand, I’m sure you’d get used to it over time.
The collapsible carrycot is a great, easy to collapse and then set back up again. It collapses to half it’s height which will save space and this function doesn’t compromise the sturdiness or solid luxury feel of the carrycot.

Hollie: It was super easy to fold and unfold the pram with just one hand, and it folded neatly into a compact one-piece unit. The folding of the pram was practical, and comfortable, unlike other prams I have used in the past. The smart carrycot could also be folded into a more compact size, which was great! And the rocking base was a bonus!

What are your thoughts on the Stargazer’s sustainable fabrics, made of recycled plastic bottles?

Jodie: I absolutely love that the didofy Stargazer is made of sustainable fabrics, made of recycled plastic bottles. Sustainability and the use of recycled materials is really important to me as I am extremely concerned about our current impact on the environment and what this is going to mean for my sons as they grow older.

Natasha: I actually really like the fabric. It seems like it durable and would be long lasting. It also seems like it would wipe clean easily which is always great when strollers and snacks mix together! It made me feel more positive about the product too, knowing that it was made of sustainable materials.

Laura G: The fact that the fabric is sustainable is very attractive and you can not tell at all, the fabrics still feel and look luxury and high quality. I also feel it will be hardwearing and not easy to stain, great for use with babies/small children.

How easy was it to steer the Stargazer over different terrains?

Andrea: I found the steering really easy on most terrains although it struggles on our gravel driveway and I had to pull it backwards until the path but I have found this with my other pram and trike to. The stroller on paths and flatter surfaces is effortless, it literally glides along and seems like a really comfortable smooth ride. I did struggle going up small drop curbs as the wheel just seemed to get stuck so I had to bump it up over them. We also went down a small path next to a river and found the stroller handled the terrain very well and also felt with ease through smaller narrow pathways.

Laura G: Steering is very easy, it has a small turning circle for a full size pram so can get into and manoeuvre smaller areas easily. I tested the pram inside, on pavement, the playing field at our local park and took it for a walk on the canal path (mud and loose stones) and it handled all these surfaces well and baby remained asleep throughout, it also deals with curbs well and the balance doesn’t get thrown off when going up and down. If I was going to do some serious countryside walking I don’t think it would fair as well on rough terrain.

Jodie: The large back wheels of the Stargazer makes for smooth steering over different terrains. The pavements around my local area are extremely uneven and narrow in areas and I had no difficulties navigating these difficult surfaces. I also tried the Stargazer on grass and had no difficulty with travelling over grass areas.

Would you recommend the didofy Stargazer to friends and family?

Natasha: I have and would recommend the Stargazer pram. It is easy and smooth to push, looks stylish and is usable for so many different ages. My 6 month old enjoys this pram as she is a little more upright and higher meaning she can see me. My toddler enjoys it as he can sit up and feels like a big boy in it! A pram that can grow with your little one is essential.

Andrea: I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family, The whole process from the way its made to how easy it has made life for me and my little one is amazing. When you are constantly on the go, like so many of us parents are, you need to have that quick motion that you can just get the stroller out put it up and off you go, the same with getting back in the car. It can be very stressful if you are running late and this has made things simpler. The whole pushchair feels stylish, expensive, well made and well thought out and I cannot recommend it enough to all parents.

Hollie: I would 100% recommend the didofy Stargzer to friends and family. Not only is it stylish and friendly to the environment, it is excellent value for moneyThe Stargazer bundle comes with 11 accessories, and you also have the option to purchase the accessories individually.

Key features of the Stargazer include:

– GravityFold: Fold and unfold the stroller with just one hand, whether in parent-facing or world-facing mode.

– Sustainable: The stroller’s fabrics are made from sustainable recycled PET bottles, with 92 bottles used for each stroller and 73 for each carrycot, without sacrificing quality and comfort.

– All-Terrain: Equipped with advanced four-wheel suspension and All-Terrain tires, the Stargazer is suitable for both rural and urban living.

– Collapsible Carrycot: The quick and easy ‘two-click’ foldable carrycot saves space at home and in the car boot, suitable for overnight sleep and featuring a rocking base to soothe little ones.

– Built-in ventilation: The extendable UPF 50 waterproof hood with peekaboo window and memory buttons allow for easy one-handed opening and closing.

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