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My Guide to Packing Light for Traveling

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My Guide to Packing Light for Traveling

# My Guide to Packing Light for Traveling

**My husband and I love to travel; it’s so relaxing to drop everything and go to whatever destination we want to. It’s especially great for me because I can work from anywhere.**
But when you travel so much, packing can become a chore! He and I have learned the way of minimalist packing. It’s great if you’re always on the go, and it forces you to live within your mean — even on vacation!

Here are our tips on making the smallest briefcase possible with minimalist packing.

## The minimalist bag
Your bag will be your friend when it comes to minimalist packing. You won’t need a big suitcase or anything like that — this is minimalism! Your go-to bag will be a duffel bag. Be sure to take note of the airline you’re flying on to make sure your duffel fits the dimensions allowed by the airline. Packing cubes are also a great option.

## The list
Regardless of how long you’re going to stay at your destination, you’re packing the least amount of clothes possible. All the clothes I pack must also do double duty. For example, if I bring a jacket, it also must have a hood so it can be worn in the rain. Here’s our minimalist list — our MinimaList? No, OK never mind.

### Clothing
– One pair of underwear for each day (I don’t care how minimalist you are, stay clean)
– 2 short sleeve shirts
– 2 long-sleeve shirts (optional for cooler climates)
– 1 jacket (optional for cooler climates)
– 1 heavy jacket (optional for cooler climates)
– 1 pair of pants
– 1 pair of shorts or pants (depending on the climate)
– 1 pair of sandals
– 2 pairs of socks
– 1 belt

You can pack more clothes with this special secret … use the clothes you’re wearing! The clothes you wear to the flight will constitute a whole other outfit — so long as its minimalist clothing.

### Toiletries
This goes without saying, but all of these toiletries should be travel-sized. To save money, you can buy travel-sized containers from your local big box store and fill them with shampoo and conditioner
– Face cleanser
– 1 bottle of soap
– 1 small bottle of conditioner
– Deodorant
– Small hairbrush

### Electronics
“None” is the short answer, but if you must bring an electronic other than your smartphone, it’s best to keep it tablet-sized. A laptop is *certainly* off-limits when it comes to minimalist packing.

### Makeup
Ready to be really frugal? Keep makeup to your three or four most-used items. For me, it’s lipstick, concealer, liquid eyeliner, and mascara.

### Everything else
– Medication
– Contacts
– Glasses
– Razor

I know what you’re thinking, and my husband and I were thinking the same thing too: How in the world is all that going to fit in a duffel (take a look at these travel packs)? Well, thousands of miles in three different countries later, this list has never failed us. Give it a shot and live the minimalist lifestyle while you travel!

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